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Today’s Automobile locks are much more complex than those of just a few years ago. A poorly cut or badly worn key will lead to early failure of most auto locks. The equipment needed to duplicate these keys must be calibrated and adjusted often to make good duplicates. For the most part this is not done at retail businesses that cut keys as a side line, they depend on their supplier to show up every month or so.

Your Locksmith tests his equipment daily and keeps it in proper adjustment at all times. about .002″ is the maximum error that should be allowed for auto locks. keys for your house may be off .005″ – .008″ and still work ok.
The second problem is selecting the correct blank for the vehicle. To cover the majority of the cars we see every day requires about 400 different blanks, many look almost alike but are not. An untrained person may use the wrong blank and cause real harm to the vehicle.

A common example that we deal with is Honda autos 1989 and up, if the blank for a 1988 is used [they look identical, the newer one is about 1/16" longer], the key will work in the ignition but will not turn back to the lock position for removal. to repair this “error” may cost upwards of $100.00.

RS Locksmith employs skilled, professional technicians for all of your automotive needs. We are able to open car doors, make any car keys, install ignitions, and perform any car lock/key/security services for your vehicle. Services available, but not limited to: domestic US cars, all foreign cars, vans, trucks, and sports cars of all makes and models.

A-Z Locksmith Auto services include among others:

  1. Car, Van, Truck, RV lockout / opening

  2. Emergency vehicle opening

  3. Emergency trunk open

  4. Extraction of broken keys

  5. GM VAT keys duplication

  6. High security vehicle key duplication

  7. New Ignition keys

  8. Transponder Chip Key

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